2018 USBC Open Championships
March 31-July 7 (last day of team competition)
Oncenter Convention Center
800 S. State Street
Syracuse, NY 13202

In 2018, the USBC Open Championships heads east to Syracuse, New York, for its 115th edition. To participate in this prestigious and historic event, all you have to do is become a USBC member. Experience superior competition bowling in an arena-like atmosphere, while exploring everything Syracuse has to offer.

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Mail entries to: USBC Open Championships 621 Six Flags Drive Arlington, TX 76011 For questions or concerns, please call: 800-514-2695

Side Events
Stay tuned for more information regarding The Forty Frame Game and the Bowlers Journal Championships presented by USBC.

2017 USBC Open Championships
Feb. 18 - July 15 (last day of team competition)
South Point Bowling Plaza
9777 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89183

The USBC Open Championships widely is recognized as the largest participatory sporting event in the world. Consisting of team, doubles, singles and optional all-events competition, the Open Championships is held in an arena or convention-center setting each year.

All you have to do to participate is become a USBC member. If you want to experience competition in a stadium-like atmosphere, while combining your bowling experience with a vacation to the tournament city, this is the event for you.

Beginning in 2017, there will be three divisions based on skill level: The Regular Division, for those who average 210 and above, the Standard Division for those with averages from 181-209 and the Classified Division, for bowlers who average 180 or below.



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Tournament Information

Open Championships Tournament Office:
Phone: 888-910-2695

Media Relations
Matt Cannizzaro
Email: matt.cannizzaro@bowl.com


2018 - Syracuse, N.Y.
2019 - Las Vegas
2020 - Reno, Nev.
2021 - Las Vegas
2022 - TBD
2023 - Reno, Nev.
2024 - Las Vegas
2025 - Baton Rouge, La.
2026 - Reno, Nev.