Registration for the 2017 Junior Gold Championships will be open until June 1.

Please check the advancer report to see if the advancers name is listed prior to registering. A copy of the advancer report can be found by clicking here

Once you have verified your name is on the list you can begin registration.
The advancers sign-in is the advancers Last Name and the password is the last four digits of the advancers Social Security number.

                       Sign-in = Advancer Last Name
                       Password = Last 4 digits of Social Security Number the advancer

Advancers will have the opportunity to choose your own squad up until June 1. Squad sizes are limited and restricted to specific divisions. When a squad is filled, it will not be displayed and the advancer will not have the option to choose that squad. Bowlers who have not chosen a squad by June 1 will be assigned a squad.

There will be no changing of squads or divisions after June 1. Please do not contact tournament staff to request a specific squad time it will not be granted.

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